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Why you should go there: . The combination of great trails and scenic landscape is definitely worth a trip. For most riders it has become a dream to ride those grey earth ridge line trails pictured in the EWS coverage.

Since Ainsa has been on the Enduro World Calendar it is now back to a calm spanish mountain town. You might find a few other riders but especially in the shoulder season, it is very quiet. This also means that most high season establishments might be closed. 

The area offers great scenery with the beautiful pine forests, the georgous valleys and the lake. Whereas in winter you can usually expect to ride the lower trails, in summer the area also offers great alpine descents. The area has a huge amount of trails that are mostly somehow rocky and dusty. 

What most travel reports miss to mention: The region has a serious problem with pine processionary caterpillars. In spring those little creatures are all over the trails and most people will get rashes or even an allergic reaction. Out of the two groups we rode with in Ainsa both had riders that had to go to the hospital to be treated. Make sure to check on the Z-Trails App for possible sightings. 

Who is it for: This is an ideal region for bikers who want to spend a few days exploring the wild spanish countryside and don’t mind pedalling as there are only a few shuttle-only trails. 

Who should avoid it: If you are looking for a vibrant town with lots of shops, bars and places to go out, this is not for you. Beginners might find the trails a little over their heads. 


The area has a huge amount of trails that reach from shorter descents to full daytrips. When we visited in spring, the trails were not perfectly maintained but still all rideable. The general characteristic is rocky and somehow techy but you can also find flowy options in lower regions. A good way to start the trail search is to check out the EWS stages. Make sure to visit the trails around Fiscal and Boltana that offer some long, fun descents.

In this region, you might also be better off renting a guide or a shuttle as the ascents can be long and the trail conditions might have changed over time. 

As there are some high alpine adventure in the region, make sure to be prepared for any weather any time of the year. 

Next to the embedded Trailforks map, there is also a specific local website for mountainbiking in Ainsa. 

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Food & Drinks

The town has a limited offer of restaurants. The good news is that most of them are actually very good. 

Top Restaurants


Hotel Sanchez: All day great food with a terrace overlooking the river. $$


Hotel dos Rios: Great burger and beer. $$


Restaurante Callizo: Fancy restaurant with great food in the old town.


As Ainsa is a small town, the options are limited. However, there are a few very good hotels:

  • Hotel dos Rios: Great hotel that also offers appartments, bike storage and a great breakfast. $$
  • Hotel Sanchez: Styling hotel at the river and in the middle of town. $$
  • Air BnB: Find yourself an appartment.


A variety of campsites is located in the area:


More than Biking

Ainsa Old Town

Take a stroll through the old town that is on the hill overlooking the new part of town. 


Spend a day on the river of lake. There are a few places that organize adventures on the water.

National Park

Take a drive through the national park Ordesa and Monte Perdido.


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