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Why you should go there: At least in central Europe, this destination does not need an introduction. Home of the final race of the Enduro World Series in the past years, this jewel on the italian coast is the full service winter getaway location. From Bikeshuttles to great food and amazing views. It is all here. Finale is home to some of the most iconic trails in Europe: Rollercoaster, Madonna della Guardia, Little Champery, DH Men, Ingenere, … the list is endless.

The advanced rider will find a huge variety of trails from techy to fast & flowy. Even though, there are some easier trail options, this is not an ideal location for beginners.

Finale Ligure has become a yearly fixture for many bikers around Europe, consequently it is the place to be for many around the long weekends in spring. If you are looking to avoid the big crowds on the trails you have to stay away from the shuttles around NATO Base and Rollercoaster and pedal yourself.

Best riding season is spring or autumn to early winter, there might be some weeks of snow in higher areas in winter. In summer it gets very hot, the beaches and coastline towns are crowded with mostly domestic tourists, therefore finding a place to stay is more challenging and prices are higher.

By car you can get to Finale via Milan and Genoa, from Torino or Nice via the italian “autostrada” (toll!). From longer distances you might want to consider flying into Milan, Torino or Nice.

Who is it for: Any rider that has basic biking skills and is happy to share the trails, bars and restaurants with lots of other bikers. If you are looking for a good infrastructure with shuttle assist, this might be just for you.

Who should avoid it: Anyone that is in search of the next lonely adventure might be put off by the partly big crowds around the main shuttle drop-offs. Addionally, if you are a absolute beginner, look elsewhere to start your journey.


The area has endles trail options and is continously expanding its offer. You´ll find a mix of forest soil and rocks higher up and more rocks and larger rock gardens lower down closer to the sea. Some shuttle trails have small to medium sized jumps and other features. Close to the sea most of the descents (and uphills) are around 300m difference in altitude. The peaks in the backcountry allow long downhills of more than 1000 m vertical.

The NATO-Base area down to the valleys of Orco Feligno and Calice Ligure is the shuttle hotspot. Some (slower riders) might be stressed by the numerous other riders on the trails.

The mountains north of Pietra Ligure and Guistenice can also be accessed by shuttle and offer more of a backcountry feeling. The shuttle uplifts by 4×4 on gravel roads take longer, consequently the trails are less frequented and feel more natural.

Monte Carmo and NATO Base can of course be accessed “by fair means”, i.e. pedalling, but some roads are very busy (Finalborgo to DIN) and the climb is long. Le Manie, San Bernadino, Monte Caprazoppa, Monte Grosso and Zuccarello are much more quiet and allow epic days out on awesome trails.

Top Trails & Tours

Local services

There are a quazilion of shuttle and guiding companies in the area. Here a few that we have tested recommend.

A few years ago the destination has further improved their services and founded “Finale Outdoor Region“. Lots of “live”-information like trail conditions and -closures, guides and services, etc can be found- and booked there.

Food & Drinks

When it comes to food, you want to head to finalborgo where there is a large choice of recommendable restaurants and a very nice atmosphere in the historic town. From easy take aways to fancy restaurants, you will find what you like. Local favourites include focaccia and pasta, fish and sea food as well as delicious grilled meat.

Check out the bars for an after ride beer, Aperol or go all in with a Negroni. Typically you´ll get served a small apero with your drinks, leave some space in your tummy for dinner 😉

Top Restaurants


Petricore: More than Pasta and Pizza $$


Da Gillo: Excellent Pasta and seafood. $$


Antica Osteria: Traditional home-made food – delicious $$


Ristorante Cucco: Delicious food in San Bernadino above Finale. Fantastic views from the terrace. $$


Bastian Contrario: A must stop for us! A bright and noisy room packed with locals, great down-home italian cooking. Booking strongly adviced. $$


Quarto di Bue: Meat-lovers heaven! Fantastic asado and more! $$


Pomo d’Oro: The ideal snack in between single-uplifts. A big variety of tasty and inexpensive pizze and foccacie. $


There are many options in and around Finale for your stay. A lot of Hotels and BnB´s are prepared for bikers.

  • Hotel Derby: Half way between the beach and Finalborgo.
  • Hotel Florenz: Bike hotel between FInale and Finalborgo.
  • La Rocca di Perti: Beautiful Agriturismo close to the Castello, super-friendly owners and some nice restaurants close-by.
  • Air BnB: Find yourself a nice appartment!


You can find several campsites between Varigotti and Pietra Ligure…

  • Eurocamping Calvisio: In Calvisio just a little north of Finale. Pool, Bar, supermarket…
  • Tahiti: With Pizzeria, Bungalows… 500 m from the beach.
  • Freeride Outdoor Village: Big campground for bikers and outdoor enthusiats, run by one of the large shuttle companies.
  • Park Mara: Located in Borgio Verezzi, close to Pietra Ligure.

More than Biking

Full Service Bagno

Spend a day in a full serviced beach area and enjoy the perks that you get for about 30 Euros (for two chairs)

Shopping Finalborgo

Take a long walk through Finalborgo and visit the shops that offer anything from sports equipment (mostly climbing) to local food and bars

Day Trip Torino

Take the train and within less than an hour you end up in Torino with its vibrant old town


The content of this website is just an opionion of a few individuals. It is not based on scientific research and some facts may have changed since the last visit. Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions for anyhting we have covered on this website.

You might be riding on shared trails! Yield to other trail users and animals! Control your speed, leave no traces and don’t shortcut corners! Thank you!

Last on-site research: 2021

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