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Blackforest Trailcenter

Why you should go there: Are you a fan of purpose built bike trails? Jumps and berms combined with natural trail sections is your flow happy place? Spend a few hours riding trails and chill the rest of the day in a laid-back university city? Freiburg im Breisgau in the south of Germany offers all of that.

In the past years the biking community of the region managed to legalize several bike trails transforming the forest east of the town into a fantastic trail center which now serves as a model region for other communities. The picturesque city center invites you to spend your afternoon discovering its many bars, restaurants and small alleys.

Who is it for: Beginner to advanced riders find very well built flowy trails which deliver mountainbike-fun close to an attractive city for off-bike activities. A brillant place to spend a long weekend!

Who should avoid it: If you are the “explorer” type who likes quietness and wants to discover trails off the beaten path you should look somewhere else. Unfortunately biking is restricted on most trails in Baden-Würtemberg. The only legal trail options are the official ones, consequently these are highly frequented.


The official trails offer many options for a long weekend of fun riding! Typically the trails have sandy forest soil which allows them to dry relatively quick. Gravel, roots and smaller rocks occur frequently. There are trails for all levels – some short trails (e.g. Floh-Trails) allow beginners and kids practicing obstacles and fun. The features increase in size and difficulty on the more challenging trails, but there are always chicken ways available. Consequently ambitious riders can gradually increase their challenges. All trails are very well- and safely built, and are fun for every riding level. Tour bikers might want to try riding up to the Schauinsland peak and enjoy the fantastic views and landscapes. In addition to the “Floh-Trails” “Badish Moon Rising” and “Hexentrail” are very good options to get used to the trails in Freiburg. Classic fun trails for intermediate/advanced riders are the “Canadian” and “Borderline”. The “Baden to the Bone” trail has some bigger hits for experts.

Freiburg is often called a “trailmekka”. In terms of the official bike trail offering this is absolutely true, variety and quality of the biketrails is excellent. The Freiburg region is exemplary and serves as blueprint for other destinations on how to create a very good legal offer for “downhill-oriented” biking. However if it comes to trail oriented bike tours this is only partially a real “trail mekka”. Most bikers struggle a bit with the restrictive trail access regulations in the area. The blackforest is a vast and beautiful area with a huge number of hiking trails, however if you dare to ride them you need to be prepared for unhappy comments – irrespective of how friendly and considerate you are. Although this is not the norm, it´s noticeable, especially closer to town or touristic hotspots.


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Local services

Support the local trail association: Mountainbike Freiburg


Food & Drinks

Freiburg has a big variety of restaurants from affordable take-away to Haute Cuisine. Here are some places we´d recommend.

Top Restaurants


Waldsee: Good food in a nice garden restaurant close to the end of the Canadian trail. Lots of free parking space close by. $$


Primo Market: Delicious pasta and pizza in an italian supermarket (really). $$


Yepa yepa: Authentix mexican taqueria. $


Bauerntafel: Black forest tapas in farm-like ambiance. $$


Basho An: Excellent japanese food and Sushi. $$$


Lollo: Tasty snacks. $


Rothaus Schwarzwald erleben Beim Hackl: Tasty black forest food and beer in the city center. $$


Freiburg and its sourrounding offer a variety of hotels, appartments and B´n´Bs for your stay.

  • Mercure Panorama Hotel: 4-star hotel with beautiful view and excellent restaurant.
  • Premier Inn: Super friendly staff, a bike room, in walking distance to the city center.
  • Youth Hostel Freiburg: Budget option located directly at the end of the Borderline- and Floh Trails
  • Motel One: Affordable and stylish, close to the city center
  • Air BnB: Find yourself an appartment.


Freiburg and its sourrounding offer a variety of campsites. Here aere a few in cycling distance to the trails.

More than Biking


Explore the historic city and stroll along these little “creeks”.

Lake Swimming

Freiburg is surrounded by small lakes which allow refreshment after a hot day.


Visit Germany´s biggest theme park. Roller Coasters, shows and a big water park – fun for everyone!


The content of this website is just an opinion of a few individuals. It is not based on scientific research and some facts may have changed since the last visit. Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions for anything we have covered on this website.

You might be riding on shared trails! Yield to other trail users and animals! Control your speed, leave no traces and don’t shortcut corners! Thank you!

Last on-site research: 2024

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