Less known biking destinations

Hidden Treasures

Less known biking destinations

The lonely wolves of bikers and the ones looking for new adventures are the ones constantly checking maps, strava, trailforks, etc in the search of the next undiscovered, little biking gem. It is however not easy to find the needle in the big haystack that is the huge databases of gps-tracks and trail platforms. Trail Hub and its bikers have been on the search and are happy to share it with you. 

Hidden locations imply that most people are not aware that a certain region or trail is a biking heaven. However, we are aware that this is very subjective and mostly depends on the biker’s home base. Another topic to be mentioned is that not every hidden bike locations needs to be promoted. Especially if the trails are only built by a few locals and there is no business or larger trail association backing it, it might not be ideal if the trails are ridden heavily by larger groups of bikers. We try to respect this by publishing only specifice trails where the locals want to put it on the map. 

There are many, by the masses undiscovered trail treasures, which also makes our sport so fantastic. Some are tucked in rural areas with hardly any touristic infrastructure whereas others are close to bigger cities that are however usually not known for good biking. We are willing to share a few destinations below that we would recommend to visit. 

Usually bike trails don’t build themselves and natural, well maintained hiking trails are not to be found everywhere. Therefore, most newer destinations have put in a lot of effort to build new biking trails, re-build old hiking trails and maintain them over several years. Especially the maintenance piece decides if a region is successful over the years attracting riders for tourism. A good example here is Calestano (in the Appennin mountains south of Parma). They have been around for several years and still have amazingly well maintained trails. 

Off the beaten track

Destinations with low touristic activites


L’Appenino del Nord: The small purpose built trail parks in the northern Appennin are definitely worth the trip and a great alternative if you want to avoid the crowds. 


Rincine Trail Area: Stay in an agriturismo in the tuscan countryside and ride the well maintained trails that can also be accessed by shuttle. 


Digne les Bains: The small town in the south of France with the iconic black earth trails and Evo Bike Park are worth a visit.

City Hopping

Cities that are not on every bikers radar but have great potential and an already established trail network


Varese & Como: The region around lake Como have a few great trail areas with purpose built and natural trails. The perfect location for a long spring weekend. 


Thun: The small city has two amazing purpose built trails that can be shuttled with public transport directly from the city center. 


Basel: There is an active biking scene that maintains purpose built trails as well as some natural trails just outside of the town. You can pedal there or use public transport. 

  Alpine Riding

Even though, they are located in the alps, this does not mean, they have been discovered yet


Val d’Hérens: This small valley in Switzerland has amazing natural forest trails that can be ridden already from early spring as well as high altitude adventures when the snow is gone in higher regions. 


Queyras: The region in the french Alps might not be a hidden treasure for some but especially in the german speaking region, this amazing destination with it’s natural trails and high altitude tours is not on everybody’s biking travel map. 


Val Ferret: The valley in the Swiss, French and italian border region has a few great trails with amazing views on the Mont-Blanc massive. 


Val d’Allos: This valley, also hidden in the French Alps has many great alpine descents. There is a cable car with odd opening times that can get you to some of the descents without pedalling too much. 

All less known biking destinations


The content of this website is just an opinion of a few individuals. It is not based on scientific research and some facts may have changed since the last visit. Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions for anything we have covered on this website.

You might be riding on shared trails! Yield to other trail users and animals! Control your speed, leave no traces and don’t shortcut corners! Thank you!