Thin Air

High Altitude

Biking above the treeline

Riding down an alpine pass or peak is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have in mountainbiking! Epic views and long downhills, the sensation of achievement and adventure adds to that rewarding feeling.

Several destinations have understood this fascination and created great offerings for guests. Route proposals and shuttle assistance provided by mountainbiking destinations allow easy access to the high altitude to a larger number of bikers.

Other mountains in contrast are barely tapped and represent almost uncharted territory for biking. Such places typically require more experience and are only suitable for expert riders. In addition to absolute fitness and bike skill, mountaineering experience is also required. Understanding the weather, reading maps, navigation in rugged terrain and sure-footedness are just some prerequesites for such endeavors!

High altitude beginners and experts – start planning your next adventure!

In summer and fall when the snow melts the high regions of the mountains become accessible and another realm for biking opens. Here we propose two categories:

  • “Touristic” – Popular routes and mountain destinations well prepared for bikers. The proposals allow a first glimpse into hike-a-biking and alpine riding.
  • “Expert” – Routes and Destinations which require high level of biking skills, route planning and mountaineering experience.

Touristic Routes

Try out these relatively easy hike-a-bikes to get a flavour of this discipline! Basic fitness and skill required…

Expert Routes

Difficult bike-mountaineering routes for experienced, physically- and mentally strong bikers.

Touristic Destinations

Alpine destinations with a good route network and infrastructure to access mountains.


Oberengadin: Cable cars and railways open many trail options for your alpine experience.


Lenzerheide: Extensive mountainbiking destination. Route network and shuttle options – it’s all here.

  Expert Destinations

Attractive, yet off the beaten track destinations for challenging high altittude adventures.


Gottardo: Rough trails and steep downhills.


Val Müstair: High peaks and beautiful landscapes in the easternmost corner of Switzerland.


Upper Valais: High Altitude terrain partly accesible by public transport and cable cars.

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