Dolce Vita


Dolce Vita

Why you should go there: Mare e Monti! Italy has everything in terms of landscapes. Enjoy off-days at the beaches of the mediterannean sea, cycle through the lush hills of tuscany, explore remote ligurian mountains or plan epic alpine rides in Aosta valley… Friendly and helpful locals will often proudly share trail- and restaurant tips with you. Fantastic food from simple pasta delights to luxurious specialities is the perfect addition to your biking vacation.

Who is it for: Everybody should be able to find an offer to his/her liking. In Italy you´ll find countless bikeparks, and biking regions for beginners to experts. Ride the mediteranean coast or in high alpine terrain. Massa Marittima, Finale Ligure or Aosta Valley are just a few examples of brillant biking destinations.

Who should avoid it: Nobody really… 🙂 In our experience the Italians are very friendly. Despite the potential language barrier almost everybody will patiently try to help you choosing food, finding trails or shopping in supermarkets.

Local Information

Italy is very cycling friendly! Generally the people you meet will be enthusiastic, cheer you on or similar. Please slow down nevertheless and be friendly. Also respect private land and be aware that especially in national parks cycling can be restricted or completely prohibited! Check before planning your rides!


We have not found a free online topo map of Italy. If you know one, please let us know. We like using OpenStreetMap if no official maps are available.

Trails & Tours

Trailforks covers many trails in Italy and is a good starting point for exploration of an area. We also like the free trail database  – not too many but quality trails.


Most weather websites and apps work well in our experience. The official weather site of Italy “Meteoam” is provided by the italian air force.

Getting Around

Italy is a big country! Most visitors will come by car or fly into Italy and rent a car. It is noteworthy that there is a toll on french highways. You can bring your bike on most italian trains. If it is disassembled and packed compactly the bike is free of charge even. Check out the Trenitalia website for more info. For road trips around Italy or travelling remote regions our recommendation for getting around is by car.


We´d advice you to always carry some cash since in many (rural) places card payment is not accepted for smaller amounts.

  Beach & Bike

Relax at the beach after a day of trails.


Elba: This island offers dozens of beaches and trails with individual character.


Varazze: This Ligurian destination is great for riding and culinary delights!


Sestri Levante: Trails & Beaches close to world-famous Cinque Terre.

Top Shuttle Regions

Maximize your DH time!


Finale Ligure: The trail mekka! Endless trails and shuttle operators. Home of the EWS final round.


3-Länder Enduro: Fantastic challenging trails for Enduro Biking.


L’Appennino del Nord: Off-the-beaten-path region. Try Calestano and Monteduro!