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Why you should go there: The swiss Jura extends from Lake Geneva to almost Zurich and offers great biking in a (often) remote region with spectacular rock faces and dreamy farm villages. Good public transport connections make it easy to explore the vast area. If you are looking for a quiet retreat in charming little cities or villages in the backcountry where you can ride for hours and hardly meet anyone the “Jura” is worth a closer look.

Who is it for: Anybody who likes seclusion and wants to avoid the masses. The Jura offers beautiful cultural landscapes with forests, alpages and small villages.

Who should avoid it: Party animals and (bike)park rats need to look for another place.


When it comes to trails the Jura is not an easy area. Often rocky or steep the riding requires advanced bike skills. When trails are wet they become much more difficult, the limestone is really slippery then. The ridgelines are very fun to ride but often include short, punchy uphills which can be exhausting. Enduro riders will find happiness in the Delemont area, Chasseral and the Langenbruck area offer nice singletrail tours with a view.


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Food & Drinks

The choice of restaurants can be limited to simple traditional (mountain) restaurants in the remote areas. These typically offer dishes from local products, regional made cheese and sausages etc. Along the southern foot of the mountains you´ll find a bigger variety of restaurants and take-aways.


Top Restaurants


Berggasthaus Vogelberg: Mountain restaurant in beautiful landsape. $


Les deux tours: Restaurant with fresh and modern cuisine in Moutier. $


Oberdörfer: Another mountain restaurant with tasty traditional food. $


Alter Stephan: The oldest restaurant in Solothurn. Very high quality and tasty. $$


The larger towns at the southern foot of the Jura mountains offer diverse options for your stay.


The region has numerous camping options for every taste. Here is our selection:

More than Biking


Visit the capital of Switzerland. Stroll along the arcades, go shopping and see the bears.

Naturpark Thal

Explore the beautiful nature park “Thal” with its museums, hiking trails and viewpoints.


Explore the remains of the old castle Froburg and enjoy spectaular views on the Jura or towards the Alps.


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