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Why you should go there: The Region around Lake Como has a few trails and tours that make it worth a visit. Also, the town of Como and the lake create a special northern Italian flair which is worth a visit. Especially the amount of restaurants, bars and the cultural heritage also allow to take a day off and explore the area.

The biking itself and the scenery around the lake make for some amazing experiences. To get around you can either go by car or rely on public transport. On some boats, you are allowed to bring your bike which can complete the perfect italian experience.

Who is it for: This is a great long weekend gettaway as the amount of high quality trails is limited. You will mostly need to pedal to reach the top.

Who should avoid it: Beginners should not head there as most trails are quite challenging. The trail areas are a little scattered and require some driving, which some might find tedious.


The trail areas in the region are scattered but can all be reached in less than an hour drive from Como. There are a few natural trails that are worth a visit. The vast majority of recommendable trails are however purpose built by the locals. 

Generally, the trails are somehow rocky and have some loose stuff in them. As in most regions, in winter the trails are less taken care off than in late spring and summer. The trails that are maintained by trail associations are usually in very good conditions. 

The trails just outside East of Como are ok, but it is a bit tricky to get back up as you will have to get back to Como every time you want to get back up. There are some steep uphills that can be pedalled with an E-Bike but are on the very steep side for a regular bike. 

In winter and spring (depending on snow level) we would suggest to ride in Monte di Brianza, that is located South of Lecco as well as take a trip to Varese to ride the purpose built Trails in Parco Naturale Regionale Campo dei Fiori. 

As soon as the snow is gone in the higher regions, there are a few great tours around the lake that are worth doing. Some can be combined with funicular (Como) or cable car (Argegno). 


Top Trails & Tours

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Food & Drinks

Well, you are in for a treat. Como is home to a huge variety of restaurants and bars. Make sure to start early and go for a drink to enjoy the apero platters that come with it. This is also a budet option to eat. 

There is everything from low price burger places to high end fancy restaurants. 


Top Restaurants


Rivenoteca: Restaurant and Winebar with a huge selection of wines that can be tasted by the sip and poured by yourself. $$


Vittoria Bistrot & Pizza: New restaurant just outside the city center with laid back athmosphere, great pizza and pasta. $$


Numbero Nove: Great, inspiring meals that might be a bit overpriced. $$$


Even though, the trails in Como itself are not mindblowing, you might still want to stay there to enjoy the city and its surrounding. Make sure to check out if your place comes with parking as this can be difficult.

  • Air BnB: Find yourself an appartment.


Some campsites can be found around Lake Como. Choose one to liking…



More than Biking

City of Como

Stroll through the beautiful city of Como and discover the cultural sights and great restaurant and bar scene. Take a walk along the lake and have an aperos. 

Villa Balbianello

This amazing Villa has been the setting for several International movies, such as Star Wars and Casino Royale. Take an hour or two to explore the garden and house.


Even though it is a tourist town by now it is definitely worth a visit. Take a boat from Como to make the experience perfect.


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You might be riding on shared trails! Yield to other trail users and animals! Control your speed, leave no traces and don’t shortcut corners! Thank you!

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