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Welcome to the bikers playground. Even though, there are no massive mountains, you can find any type of trail you are looking for. From flowy trails that are great for all riders to advanced, rocky and challenging trails. Most of them are purpose built by the local trail association. Make sure to make a donation so they keep on building and maintaining trails in the future. 

The town is now becoming a mountainbike mekka when mostly Swiss and German bikers head South in search of snowfree trails. If you are not staying in one of the local bike-hotels, you can avoid the big crowds but might miss out on the fun.

It gets very hot im summer when the beaches and coastline towns are flooded with mostly italian tourists.

The drive to this tuscan bike eldorado is relatively long from the south of Germany or Austria and Switzerland but well worth it! Also, close to Massa Marittima, you can find other riding locations so it won´t become boring too soon. Make sure to check out Puntone di Scarlino (Flowy trails to the beach), Tirli (mostly technical riding) and Piombino. You can easily spend two weeks in the area and never ride the same trail again even tough you might want to. You could even fit in a ride on Elba Island. Some local guiding companies offer complete packages that start and end at the harbour in Piombino. 

Who is it for: Almost anyone can find suitable trails in the area.

Who should avoid it: If you are looking for lonely trails in shoulder seasons, you might not be satisfied.


In and around Massa Marittima you mainly have two trail areas: The well maintained trails on Monte Arsenti offer a great variety of trails including an uphill trail. In the south of Massa you find the other trail area that has treasures such as “Canyon” and “Pesta”. If you are looking to shuttle, you want to head to Arsenti. The local trail association that also runs a shuttle company is a great starting point to get advice on which trail to ride.

As mentioned above, make sure to check out some other trail areas in the area. For a shorter, easy pedal singletrail adventure and a post-ride swim, we would recommend Puntone di Scarlino and Baratti beach in the Piombino trail area. If you are more into “enduro-style” trails spend a day or two shuttling in Tirli Trail Park or Bandite Trail Area.

Advice: Make sure to check for the specific hunting days with the locals.

Top Trails & Tours

Local services

The local trail association Trail Brothers are taking care of most of the trails. Make sure to donate. It is also interlinked with Bike Service Massa – so booking a shuttle/tour with them is a good idea to give something back.

Food & Drinks

As Massa is a touristy town almost all year round, there are lots of great food options. Most restaurants are located in the old town but there are a few treasures also outside of the main center.

Top Restaurants


Cafe le Logge: Simple after bike location – $


Le Fate Briache: Authentic and local – $


La Taverna di Pulcinella: Great Napoli Pizza (Follonica) $


La Terra di Nello: Meat heaven (Castiglione) $$


Zero Distanze: Pizza and more (Puntone) $$


Cala Felice: Seafood and THE view (Puntone) $$$


Clann:Excellent Seafood in Castiglione’s center $$


There are lots of options on where to stay. There are many bike specific hotels as well as great Agriturismos and Airbnb appartments. You can either stay close to Massa or might be tempted to stay on the coast and make the drive to ride in Massa. 

  • Massa Vecchia: The one who started it all.
  • Sleep & Ride: New hotel run by Bike Service Massa Marittima.
  • Hotel Aqua: Boutique Hotel with bike room centrally located in Castiglione.
  • Airbnb: Many options – choose your favourite


Most campsite are located on the coast between Castiglione,Punta Ala and Baratti.

  • Massa Vecchia: They also have a few campspots.
  • Etruria: Modern campground close to Castiglione.
  • Blucamp: On the countryside east of Populonia.
  • Camping Punta Ala: Large campsite at the beach with restaurant and supermarket, etc. Ideally situated for the Bandite Trail area.

More than Biking

Winery Tour

The area has some great vineries: Conti di San Bonifacio (with a great restaurant) and Rocca di Frassinello, just to give you a start

Day at the beach

Take the time and relax at the beach. The beachfront in Follonica, Cala Violina or Baratti can be recommended

Day Trip Elba

Take the ferry from Piombino and explore the island of Elba


The content of this website is just an opionion of a few individuals. It is not based on scientific research and some facts may have changed since the last visit. Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions for anyhting we have covered on this website.

You might be riding on shared trails! Yield to other trail users and animals! Control your speed, leave no traces and don’t shortcut corners! Thank you!

Last on-site research: 2024

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