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German Tuscany

Why you should go there: Singletrail Eldorado! Medieval castles and almost 200 rock formations form a unique landscape which is covered with a dense network of trails.

This region in the southwest of Germany offers flowy riding experiences to any rider type. Spend a few days riding countless trails through lush forests and treat yourself with food & drinks available in plenty of cabins hosted by the local hiking association.

Who is it for: If you are looking for mostly flowy and beginner friendly trails this region could be for you. The region is known for its laid-back co-existence and tolerance between trail users. Also if you are into other outdoor activities like hiking or rock climbing the “Pfälzerwald” is worth a visit.

Who should avoid it: If you are looking for shuttles, purpose built trails, long epic descents and the next Strava KOM/QOM the region might not suit you.


You can find family rides through undulating wine yards along the German “wine road” (hence the “Tuscany”) along the eastern foot of the hills. The most popular (also amongst hikers!) riding area is between “Edenkoben” and “Bad Dürkheim” and offers long and flowy trails. Try the “Dahn” or “Hauenstein” region if you are into switchback loaded tech trails. The climate is relatively mild with only little rain and allows year-round riding. The sandy soil and sandstone rocks offer good grip even after rainfalls.


Top Trails & Tours

Local services

Pfalz Biker e.V.: Local trail association.

Mountainbikepark Pfälzerwald: Official route network, technically not too challenging.

Food & Drinks

The region offers everything from fine-dining to traditional local cuisine.

Typical local dishes are “Saumagen“ (sausage meat and potatoe stuffed pork stomach), “Bratwurst” (grill sausage), Sauerkraut and “Flammenkuchen” (regional „Pizza“ topped with sour cream, chopped onions and bacon). The region is also very proud of its wines and serves them in big glasses (Schoppenglas)

Plan a lunch in a “Pfälzerwald Hütte” (forest hiking hut with food & drinks) during your ride to refill your energy reservoirs and have dinner in a traditional “Weinstube”.


Top Restaurants


Weinstube Brand: Delicious food in traditional atmosphere. Booking advised! $$


Schützenhaus: Dishes your German granny would cook to feed you well! $


Commami: Modern sushi bar. $$


There are lots of options on where to stay, bike specific hotels as well as great Airbnb appartments.


You can find campsites in all regions of the Pfälzerwald. Look at our proposals!

  • Wappenschmiede: Located at the german wine road close to some of the most popular trails.
  • Am Berwartstein: Our hot summer tip. Located in the forest with a natural swimming lake and a beautiful castle in short walking distance.
  • Büttelwoog: Situated in between rock formations close to the small town of Dahn it is ideal for starting lots of bike tours from the campsite. A big modern public swimming pool is also near-by.
  • Clausensee: Quiet and tranquil with a lake in the very western part of the region.

More than Biking


Known for its cathedral, historic site and engineering museum.

Schuhmeile Hauenstein

(Womens) Shopping heaven! Outlet center of local shoe makers.

Trifels Castle

Large castle with lots of history. Former prison of “Richard Lionhart”!


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You might be riding on shared trails! Yield to other trail users and animals! Control your speed, leave no traces and don’t shortcut corners! Thank you!

Last on-site research: 2022

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