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Why you should go there: The regional nature park Queyras and its beautiful landscapes! This secluded region just south of Briancon has some of the best riding in the western alps. Intermediate to advanced mountainbikers will find fantastic flowy trails in a high alpine setting. The Queyras is a quiet region (at least in the fall) which feels refreshingly different from some of the popular biking hot-spots. The sheer beauty and the spectacular mountain ranges attracts outdoor enthusiast who prefer the wonders of nature over the bike exhibitions at the Bar Centrale in Finale or the Lenzerheide Bikepark… 😉

As the whole area is located at high altitude and some descents start as high as 3000 meters above sea level, it is recommended to visit in summer or fall. Especially during the main holiday season (Juli/August), you will be sharing the trails with a number of hikers. Also expect to run into herd protecting dogs that can be agressive. Follow the recommended guidelines and try to avoid going through sheep herds.

Who is it for: Skilled bikers who are into riding all natural trails in a high-alpine setting will find a little paradise with surprisingly flowy trails. If you bring enough fitness and don´t mind pushing or carrying your bike for a bit you can do some incredible epic backcountry tours.

Who should avoid it: Despite the often flowy trails smoothed by many hikers the region is not for absolute beginners. Frequent rocks, steeps, switchbacks and exposure in remote and rugged terrain require a certain routine on the bike. Also there is virtually no nightlife or places-to-be. If you like to see and be seen look elsewhere.


The “Stoneking Rally”, succesor of the famous Trans-Provence, is racing some stages in the Queyras. Adepts of the latter will know this means quality trails!

The area between Col d’Izoard in the north and Col Agnel in the south features all sorts of terrain. From coniferous forests lower down to rock and gravel desserts in the high regions above the treeline. The soil is often a nice mix of dirt and gravel and has good grip, even in wet conditions. In the higher areas you can find occasional rock gardens and slabs. We rode some trails in snowy and wet conditions and thought the grip was really good – exept for some root sections (not too surprising :-))

It is noteworthy that riding bikes on trails is officially tolerated in the Queyras nature park. Your behaviour on the trails contributes to maintaining the good coexistence on shared trails! Ride responsibly!


Local services


Food & Drinks

This rural area does not have an extensive amount of bars or restaurants. Do not expect a big choice of international cuisine. You´ll find mostly down-home dishes with local quality products. Try the local blue-cheese “Bleu de Queyras”!

Top Restaurants


La Pause du Viandante: Italian restaurant. The owner welcomes you even after a dirty day of riding without hesitation! Great apero and Pizza. $$


Le Jamberoute: Meat, Fish, Salads, Pasta & Pizza at the southern foot of Col d’Izoard. $$


Le Pain des Cimes 1400: Great backery and meeting point of the locals. Good place to stack up on food for the trail. $


Le Vis’Ô: Delicious Burgers and other tasty food.


La Ferme: Serves classic regional dishes with a fancy touch. $$


The region offers a variety of options for your stay. Hotels, hostels and BnB’s.

  • Val d’Azur: Hostel with basic, but nice and clean rooms with private bathrooms. Simple breakfast, very good dinner. Home of Backcountry-MTB. $$
  • Hôtel & Spa L’Alta Peyra: Fanciest hotel in the area with a spa. $$$ 

  • Air BnB: Find yourself an appartment.


A small number of campgrounds can be found in the area.

  • Caravaneige: Close to Ristolas and the “bikepark”.
  • Chanterane: Campsite with small huts close to Molines-en-Queyras.
  • Aiguilles: Campsite of the GCU camping association.

More than Biking


Drive to Italy over Col Agnel and hike the Monviso region or take a mountain guide and climb it.

Chateau Queyras

Visit the castle and take a walk along the beautiful river gorge


Take a stroll through Briancon and visit the historic fortress, a UNESCO world heritage site.


The content of this website is just an opinion of a few individuals. It is not based on scientific research and some facts may have changed since the last visit. Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions for anything we have covered on this website.

You might be riding on shared trails! Yield to other trail users and animals! Control your speed, leave no traces and don’t shortcut corners! Thank you!

Last on-site research: 2022

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