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Why you should go there: Sestri Levante, just outside of the world famous Cinque Terre with its picturesque vilages on the italian coast, is worth a visit just by its own. The old town and the beautiful lagoon Baia del Silenzio are great to start and finish the day. 

Of course, there is also good biking here. The trails are mostly on the rocky and sometimes loose side. Therefore this is definitely not recommended for beginners. There are a few shuttle companies in the area with knowledgable guides. The pedal to the closer trails can easily be done by bike though. For longer tours a guide might come in handy as the trail conditions change with the rainy weather.

It gets very hot im summer when the beaches and coastline towns are flooded with mostly italian tourists.

If you are looking to expand your trip, spend a day shuttling in Santa Margerita Ligure with the local guiding company. 

Who is it for: If you are looking to spend a few days on the coast and mostly pedal yourself to reach the mountain top, this might be just for you. You should have at least intermediate biking skills and enjoy some rocky and sometimes loose terrain.

Who should avoid it: If you are a beginner or do not enjoy technically challenging trails, go elsewhere to start your journey.


You have a few options to explore. You can ride several shorter trails on Monte Costello and Monte Mongeglia or head into the backcountry for an all day explorer tour. Especially the north facing trails are usually a bit more flowy than the ones facing the sun directly. 

For a day trip, head to Santa Margerite Ligure, where the trails are pretty flowy. Make sure to book the shuttle as the uphill road is very busy and looong.

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Local services

As there are limited shuttle companies make sure to book your spot early. 

Food & Drinks

As Sestri is a touristy town almost all year round, there are lots of great food options. Most restaurants are located in the old town but there are a few treasures also outside of the main center.

Top Restaurants


Balin: Luxurious place with very limited tables. Serves mostly fish. Worth the money. $$$


I due Forni: Excellent Pizza. $


Mille Lire: Great Coffee and Cappucino. $$


There are lots of options on where to stay. We would suggest to stay close to town in order to profit from the good evening entertainment and restaurants. We have tried and can recommend:

  • Airbnb: Many options – choose your favourite.
  • Villa Agnese: Outside of town, close to trails, good breakfast and pool.


Here a some campgounds in close proximity to Sestri Levante:

  • La Pineta: Situated in the small coast town Riva Trigoso south of Sestri.
  • Fossa Lupara: Camping in the hills east of Sestri.
  • Makalle: Well rated campsite south of Casarza Ligure

More than Biking

Baia de Silenzio

Get a drink or some breakfast at one of the local bakeries and enjoy it on the beautiful beach

Cinque Terre

Take the train and explore the towns of Cinque Terre. Yes, it is touristy but there is a reason for it.

Day Trip Portofino

Drive down to fancy Portofino and enjoy a drink at one of the beach side cafes


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