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Why you should go there: The Val Müstair (Münstertal) extends between the swiss national park and Italy from the Pas dal Fuorn (Ofenpass) to the Val Venosta (Vinschgau). Being one of the most remote valleys of Switzerland it has some of the best alpine riding in incredibly beautiful landscapes! Enjoy small adventures on the bike or by foot in a quiet and peaceful landscape unspoiled by mass tourism. Discover the biosphere reservation, its tradition and culture, its scenic beauties and biodiversity.

Who is it for: Spending a day outside in nature means more to you than seeing and being seen? Val Müstair is for intermediate to expert bikers who enjoy riding natural trails in alpine terrain. If you are not afraid to invest some sweat to get to the best trails and have some experience navigating in the alpine backcountry you will love what the region has to offer.

Who should avoid it: Val Müstair is not an ideal place for beginners. The natural character of trails brings frequent challenges, sometimes combined with exposure. Also if you are looking for night-life and hullabaloo you should consider other biking destinations in the vincinity.


The most popular (shared) trails are often well ridable due to the regular use by hikers and bikers. Remote or high-altitude trails can be more rough and rugged. The trails in the lower regions of the valley are often dominated by many roots and smaller rocks in grippy forest soil. The higher up you get the more (loose) rocks you may find. Experienced bikers may find some superb hike-a-bike peak adventures. These often include exposed sections which can require some climbing with your bike and are only suitable for the sure-footed.

Many flowy trails can be found around the Ofenpass and Jufplaun towards Lago di Livigno or between Lü and Müstair. Piz Umbrail and Giogo dello Stelvio (Stilfser Joch) are famous for their epic technical rides.



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Some hotels and a few restaurants can be found in the valley, however there are not too many options for dinner.

Top Restaurants


Calva: Good pizza in Laatsch, IT. $$


Zum Hirschen: Homemade regional specialities. Beautiful terrace above the valley in Lü. $$



More than Biking

Swiss National Park

Explore the swiss national park and its beauty and biodiversity by hiking.


Visit Livigno just across the Italian border and enjoy duty free shopping.

Monastery Müstair

Visit the 1200 year old monastery (UNESCO world heritage) and learn about its architecture and arts history.


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You might be riding on shared trails! Yield to other trail users and animals! Control your speed, leave no traces and don’t shortcut corners! Thank you!

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