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Less Known Liguria

Why you should go there: Finale´s unadorned sibling. The ligurian coast is covered with trails making it an attractive destination for early and late season mountain biking. Varazze offers some fantabstic riding options between sea and the ligurian crest for the adventurous rider. Ride rocky (and sometimes loose) coast trails with sea view or plan epic backcountry adventures in the “Monte Beigua” area. End your tour at the beach with an aperitif before you savour the great local cuisine for dinner.

Who is it for: Varazze is for you if you are looking to avoid the masses and enjoy a lesser known area with Italian “dolce vita” & prefer little adventures exploring a rugged area over following others on well-groomed trails.

Who should avoid it: The area is not well suited for beginners on the bike and people with less routine navigating on untagged trails in rough terrain.


Except in summer when it is too hot you can ride most of the year if you stay close to the coast. Trails suit advanced to expert riders who feel comfortable on solid and loose rocks. Try the “Monte Piani di Cantalupo” north of Celle Ligure or the area between Varazze and “Passo di Muraglione”.

When the snow on the ligurian crest is gone in spring you can expand your riding to the Monte Beigua area and mix in some forest soil. Either you plan a backcountry adventure and pedal up yourself or you do some shuttle laps on the purpose built bike trails.


Top Trails & Tours

Local services

Beigua Insane Tribu: Local trail association.


Food & Drinks

Stay on the coast for romantic sea view dining and excellent seafood. Or enjoy ligurian classics like rabbit in a rustic restaurant amongst locals in the mountains. Focaccia and Farinata are inexpensive and tasty snacks for lunch or to take on a ride.



Top Restaurants


Meta: Excellent seafood! $$$


Vino e Farinata: Farinata and Pasta in Savona. $


Campo di Grano: Great choice of Focaccia. $


There are some bike specific hotels as well as great Airbnb appartments close to the coast.


Some campgounds are available at the coast and backcountry.

More than Biking


Take the train to Genoa for shopping and explore the historic center with its cathedral.

Full Service Bagno

Spend a day in a full serviced beach area (e.g. Bagno Elena) and enjoy the perks that you get for about 30 Euros (for two chairs)


Visit the regions capital with its port, historic center and cathedrals.


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You might be riding on shared trails! Yield to other trail users and animals! Control your speed, leave no traces and don’t shortcut corners! Thank you!

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